Month: March 2020

Showersave delivering CPD remotely during Coronavirus pandemic

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting normal office operations for the foreseeable future, Showersave is committed to offering learning and development opportunities to the construction industry during these uncertain times through delivery of our certified CPD via remote access. This facility is suitable for office and home based working scenarios.

We have attempted to make it as simple a process as possible given varying internet speeds across the country.  Industry professionals can continue to gain CPD credits by accessing our CPD “An Introduction to Waste water heat recovery” via dropbox link coupled with telephone dial in with one of our team, to allow for Q&A throughout the 15-20 minute slot. We are happy to undertake this on a one to one basis.

Upon completion of the presentation, CPD certificates will be sent via email to all participants.

Should you wish to arrange a suitable date for this CPD, please call 028 9334 4488 or email

SEA publish "Hot water efficiency in homes" paper


The recent publication of "Hot water efficiency in homes" paper by SEA,  provides a summary of the key points raised during the roundtable  discussions with industry experts and the generated recommendations.

On 26th November 2019, the Sustainable Energy Association hosted a roundtable to discuss the hot water efficiency in domestic homes. The aim of the roundtable was to discuss the role policy makers and industry can play to support the deployment of technologies that improve the efficiency of hot water provision, reducing waste to the benefit of consumers and environment.

Download Document: Hot water efficiency in homes