Showersave Blue

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Showersave Blue incorporates the QB1-21 & QB1-21D tried and tested vertical heat exchangers already widely installed throughout the UK & Europe. Showersave Blue is designed for installation in apartments and single storey dwellings where the vertical gravity fed systems are not appropriate for installation in the floor below the shower.

We have for some time wanted to deliver a single storey system that replicates the benefits of our reliable, maintenance free vertical units. We already have a beautifully designed and effective Linear Drain solution; however, our customers have asked for systems with greater efficiency and performance that equals the award winning QB1-21.

Showersave Blue achieves this goal and delivers the efficiency to rival any standard unit available, putting our customers’ requirements for compliance front and centre in the quest to deliver energy efficient apartments and single story dwellings.



At Showersave we have always had a focus on the challenges faced by customers when it comes to compliance and delivering cost effective, quality housing with low running costs. Our vertical systems, the Showersave QB1-21 and 21C are widely in use across the country and abroad. Why? Because they are very efficient, simple to install and cost effective when measured on a % DER improvement over cost. Yet the biggest hurdle our vertical systems face is they can only be installed when there is access to a floor below the showers.

Two years on we now have a solution, the Showersave Blue. This system is built around our successful core Showersave QB1-21 and can be installed for a shower over a bath, a shower tray or a wet room.  We use a Whale diaphragm pump to raise the waste water to the top of the Showersave system. In doing this, we maintain the efficiency of a vertical system and remove the need for maintenance by using the diaphragm pump.  Whale have been manufacturing these pumps for over 15 years, originally designed for moving waste water from boats, they are robust and not subject to any maintenance.

The arrival of the new Part L 2021 in June 2022 is likely to present challenges for apartments. Where traditionally photovoltaics has been used to ensure Part L compliance, this may not be possible in many cases as the carbon factor of electricity is likely to be reduced by more than 40%.  This will result in a doubling of the amount of PV requirement on the roofs, which will often not be possible. As a result of their high efficiency, the Showersave Blue systems are likely to ensure compliance in these cases and can be designed in early on to projects.

The Showersave Blue systems are now recognised by BRE and are visible on the PCDB within SAP.

There are two systems in our Blue range the Showersave Blue – QB1-21 and the Showersave Blue – QB1-21D.


  • Recognised by BRE and visible on the PCDB within SAP.
  • Max efficiency of 73.2% @ 9.2 l/m • Ideal solution for new build apartment blocks.
  •  Ideal retrofit solution for both housing and high-rise dwellings.
  •  Provides Housing Associations with an efficient means of reducing fuel poverty.
  •  Blue is available in a range of efficiencies to suit the compliance needs.
  • Very little maintenance required in comparison to Linear systems.