Showersave MultiVert

Transforming commercial building energy calculations

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The maximum incoming water flow rate which can be passed through a single Showersave heat exchanger is 12 litres/minute. The capacity of a MultiVert, consisting of a number of such tubes plumbed in parallel, can be easily calculated. The heat recovery effectiveness of each tube length can also be calculated, at two different tube flow rates.

Design approach

The basic design process consists of three stages:

Determine the nominal water flow through the system

Find the number of heat exchanger tubes required, and from this select the appropriate MultiVert model.

Determine whether a waste water pump is required, and if it is select the appropriate pump model.

In practice it is likely that a designer will also wish to predict performance, both in terms of energy and financial savings. The exact method of doing this is quite complex, please contact us for further information.


  • Variable levels of efficiency, dependent on peak use of showers. Generally, >40%
  • Cost effective plant room system, pre-heating calorifier.
  • Recognised status in SBEM / BRUKL
  • Reduces need for designing in PV and CHP systems.
  • Connects to grey water waste
  • Extremely low maintenance
  • For use in apartments with district heating when space in risers is at a premium
  • Systems bespoke design is suitable for most projects where primary energy demand, as a result of domestic hot water, is high.