Showersave Vertical System

QB1-21 / QB1-21C / QB1-21D

The Showersave QB1-21 is installed in over 100,000 homes across the UK and Europe, all of which are benefiting from the recovery of the heat energy contained in the waste water being thrown down the drain. As well as being extremely straightforward to install, most Showersave systems are maintenance free and have an established record of high reliability. Showersave is recognised by the EU as a renewable system, in SAP and SBEM by BRE. The system is one of the most simple, sustainable and cost effective means of achieving Part L compliance.



The Showersave waste water heat recovery system is a simple heat exchanger that reuses energy otherwise lost down the drain while showering.

By installing Showersave you will recover the energy from the warm waste water flowing down the drain and use it to pre-heat the incoming cold water – simple, effective and highly reliable.

Recognised in SAP, the system is maintenance free and cost effective. It is installed at the first fix stage using standard plumbing practices and components.

“Showersave is a simple concept which is easy to implement but which delivers a surprisingly effective energy saving. The fact that it is also cost effective within SAP is also a bonus”

Ashley Walters, Igloo Regeneration


  • Low CAPEX and a hugely competitive £ per point in SAP
  • Customers benefit from reduced energy costs
  • Offers developer a cheaper alternative to other technologies, including MVHR, Solar PV and Triple glazing
  • Maximum efficiency of 65.6% @ 9.2l/min flow rate
  • Most widely used and reliable system
  • 15,000 units installed in UK
  • Up to 2 x showers can connect to single system
  • System appropriate for use in both residential and commercial projects when max demand reduction is required
  • Can be used in commercial projects seeking challenging BREEAM performance