Meeting London's new Zero carbon requirements


Build Energy offers expert advice on how house builders in London can avoid offset payments

‘London’s major housing must be Zero Carbon from October, presenting a new challenge for many of the house builders we work with. Developers relying on solar panels alone may find that there is simply not enough roof space to meet demand. We would recommend that developers look at Waste Water Heat Recovery as part of a package of measures to complement renewables when constructing inside the capital. This could save thousands of pounds per plot in offset payments when included in a well written Energy Statement’. Sean Mills, Build Energy


Meeting London's Zero Carbon commitment

A recent article from Beverley Rosso, Senior Sustainability Consultant at Stroma tech takes a detailed look at changes due to come into effect on 1st October 2016, when all major new-build residential developments in London will need to be ‘zero carbon'. The article focuses on balancing value and cost and provides an insight into what the changes will mean for specification.


Showersave Waste water heat recovery system offers a wonderfully simple route to cost effective energy saving and Part L Building Regulation compliance. Contact us to discuss current and future projects or to arrange a Group CPD.





Exciting potential in shower heat recovery sector inspires market leader to rebrand

Following dynamic growth, leading waste water heat recovery distributor Showersave, has unveiled a new brand identity and logo

Established in 2009, Showersave was the first company to bring shower waste water heat recovery technology to the UK market. Showersave has worked tirelessly to raise the profile of WWHR technology through the lobbying of Government Agencies and targeting some of the country’s leading house builders and energy consultants.

Despite regulatory and industry challenges, the company has successfully acquired an impressive portfolio of clients including leading UK house builders, housing associations, architects, sustainability consultants and self-builders.

Showersave is a simple, proven, yet highly effective technology, which extracts heat from waste water used during showering and reuses this heat to reduce overall energy use for the homeowner. Showersave sits passively within the fabric of the building delivering energy efficiency for the life time of the hot water system and beyond, and then should the property be demolished is fully and simply recycled.

We want to deliver innovation that’s simple.  That sums up precisely what we are about. We are passionate about developing practical, sustainable energy saving solutions that are accessible to everyone, and deliver real carbon and energy savings to all our customers.

The rebrand reflects Showersave’s sustainable development and vision for the future. It delivers to the market a fresh, uncomplicated message that this system is for anyone.  Importantly Showersave is not just for new builds, but is simple enough to be installed for those updating and improving their bathrooms and showers.

“This small, simple system can have a massive impact on the UK’s residential CO2 emissions if we can get adoption across the board – this is what excites us.” 

“When we brought Showersave to market in 2009, we were the first to do so.  We were creating a new market. Given the simplicity, affordability and ease of installation of Showersave; coupled with more stringent building regulations, many of our clients were looking for a solution which would reduce Co2 emissions and allow them to maximize on plot return. Showersave was the ideal solution to allow the stringent Building Regulations to be met.” - Tony Gordon Managing Director of Showersave

Our market research has brought us to where we are today, a clean, fresh and simple approach to a technology that is “Wonderfully Simple”.