Showersave boosts performance of Housing Association development

The Sidings, Wrexham

A Gower Homes development of 47 properties

Gower Homes specified Showersave as a replacement to MVHR because the system achieves the same benefits in SAP as MVHR, but for a third of the installed price. This has assisted Gower Homes in improving the profitability per plot, with the greater confidence delivered by the reliability of Showersave.

“We specified Showersave because it is the most cost effective brand within the field of Waste Water Heat Recovery, and we have the confidence that the system will deliver long term performance and reliability”

Paul Woollam, Gower Homes

“What we like about Showersave is that it is so simple to install. We have now used it on a number of sites with great success”

Chris Jones, Total Boilers


  • Showersave is recognised as a renewable energy system
  • Showersave is recognised by BRE in SAP
  • Low cost and therefore a hugely competitive £ per point in SAP
  • Offers developer a cheaper alternative to MVHR, Solar PV or Triple glazing, yet achieves similar carbon and energy savings.
  • Showersave remains one of the most cost effective solutions to achieve the demands of Part L
  • Customers benefit from reduced heating costs
  • Zero aftersales issues with Showersave.
  • Showersave is a “fit and forget” technology, lasting the life of the building and requires zero maintenance.
  • Showersave offers an unparalleled rate of return on investment over the life of the building.