Showersave introduced to prestigious apartments

The Banks, Ballyholme

The Banks is an exclusive over 55’s development with impressive views over Ballyholme Bay, Bangor, Northern Ireland. This modern and picturesque development is home to 30 apartments, each available for long term rental. Finished to an impeccably high standard, no detail has been overlooked in the quest to ensure comfort and maintenance free living.

The apartments will consist of 5 separate villas with 6 apartments in each villa. These ‘Lifestyle Rental’ apartments will be for rent only to the over 55’s on a long term rental basis. Each apartment is circa 1,100 sqft each with two bedrooms and two bathrooms.  all with sea views across Ballyholme Bay.

The Showersave QB1-21C has been specified and installed on the apartments to assist with the Part L (Part F in Northern Ireland) compliance. They have been installed in the common service ducts on the floor below the apartment being serviced.

“The decision to install Showersave on these apartments was a simple one.  Not only did they help with compliance at a very reasonable cost; they were simple to install and above all they add to the comfort and maintenance free goals of this exclusive development. We will not hesitate in considering Showersave for future developments.”

Jim Hodgen – Project Manager, O’Prey Developments

“The use of the Showersave QB1-21C on this development gave us exactly what we needed to comply. It was straightforward to use in SAP and its undoubted credibility gave us the confidence to recommend it to our clients” 

Ian Douglas – Partner, Cogan & Shackleton


  • Showersave is recognised as a renewable energy system
  • Showersave is recognised by BRE in SAP
  • Low cost and therefore a hugely competitive £ per point in SAP
  • Offers developer a cheaper alternative to MVHR, Solar PV or Triple glazing, yet achieves similar carbon and energy savings.
  • Showersave remains one of the most cost effective solutions to achieve the demands of Part L 2013
  • Customers benefit from reduced heating costs
  • Zero aftersales issues with Showersave.
  • Showersave is a “fit and forget” technology, lasting the life of the building and requires zero maintenance.
  • Showersave offers an unparalleled rate of return on investment over the life of the building.