The 4th Annual SFHA Energy Exchange comes at a time when energy efficiency and fuel poverty have never been higher up the agenda for housing associations. Housing associations are working towards meeting the Energy Efficiency Standards for Social Housing, while the Scottish Government is about to consult on a national energy strategy and on a long term strategy to bring all of Scotland’s homes up to a good energy standard within 15 years.  Fuel poverty continues to be a significant concern, in spite of significant investment to improve housing association homes. Showersave is a simple counter flow heat exchanger that reuses energy otherwise lost down the drain while showering. Installed using common plumbing techniques and often outperforms many other technologies including MVHR, solar and triple glazing. The system is maintenance free and will help boost the performance of a dwelling design, allowing Housing Associations to reduce build costs whilst ensuring compliance with regulations. Delegates at the Energy Exchange will have the opportunity to see Showersave demonstration units and discuss the many benefits this wonderfully simple system can offer to Housing Associations.