Since the introduction of Waste water heat recovery into SBEM on 3rd October 2018, Showersave MultiVert has become a talking point with many Consulting Engineers throughout the UK.

This highly anticipated addition to SBEM has unveiled an array of opportunities for consultants to deliver cost effective designs for their clients.

Showersave MultiVert recovers excess heat energy from waste water, which would otherwise be lost down the drain. This energy is then used to pre-heat incoming cold water, a wonderfully simple, yet highly effective addition to any non-residential building.

In buildings with multiple showers this saving can be significant and the benefits to a BREEAM assessment can be considerable allowing designers to offset more costly technologies.

Having worked with many of the UK’s leading house builders for more than ten years, we are delighted to finally have our MultiVert system recognised in SBEM.

Showersave is the only UK Company offering both residential and commercial scale WWHR applications

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