As the UK continues to deal with housing shortages, fuel poverty and the unenviable task of ensuring old housing stock is brought up to  “decent homes” standard,  one UK company who specialises in energy–efficient technology claims that Housing Associations in the UK are missing out on the opportunity to make new and existing homes more energy efficient.

Showersave Waste water heat recovery is recognised by BRE in SAP and is one of the most cost effective means of achieving Part L Building Regulations compliance in the UK. Although recognised by Government standards, many housing associations continue to overlook the long term benefits of this wonderfully simple system.

Waste water heat recovery (WWHR) is a simple, proven, yet highly effective technology, which extracts heat from waste water used during showering and reuses this heat to reduce overall energy use for the homeowner.

Showersave Director, Tony Gordon explains that “Showersave can be installed as part of a bathroom refurbishment or new build. We have worked with some of the UK’s leading sustainability consultants, regeneration specialists and private developers who are thrilled with the benefits of our system. However, we struggle to get the message across to Housing Associations, whose tenants could enjoy incredible financial benefits from what is effectively a very clever copper pipe. You can see for yourself from our installation video how straightforward it is.  Moreover, Showersave is simple, requires no maintenance and will last the life of the property, why wouldn’t you install when refurbishing bathrooms and/or heating systems?.”

Following a recent rebrand, Showersave is determined to remove any misconceptions that WWHR is a complicated product. The company rebrand reflects Showersave’s sustainable development and vision for the future. It delivers to the market a fresh, uncomplicated message that this system is for anyone.