With the introduction of waste water heat recovery systems into SBEM at the end of last year and the recent incorporation of this into the key software packages used by leading consultants, we thought we would see what this meant in reality.

We took a 95 bed hotel, currently under construction in SE England, and inserted Showersave WWHR systems into the mix using the IES software.

The results saw Impressive improvements on the primary energy demand.  Looking at two scenarios; firstly our Showersave MultiVert plant room system; secondly we have used individual Showersave QB1-21D’s each supporting 2 x back to back shower rooms.

Waste water heat recovery
IES Analysis of 95 bed hotel

The Showersave MultiVert system is applied using the SBEM default % efficiency of 35%; the second scenario assumes a 54% efficiency as per the products characteristics database in SAP 2012.

In terms of cost, you would expect the second scenario to be roughly 2 x the cost of the plant room system.  Although many other costs using more expensive technologies and systems could be negated by using Showersave in this scenario.

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