Since the recognition of Showersave systems as a renewable technology under the RED II EU Directive (24 December 2018), we are seeing an increased application where there is at least a 10% renewables targets imposed.

Showersave offers many benefits, including:

Developer savings of 63% or >£800 per plot.

Wonderfully simple to install

No maintenance required; no briefing of homeowner required

Will last the life of the dwelling ideal for PRS dwellings

East Anglia project replaces PV with Showersave

The project in East Anglia required 16kWp of Photovoltaics on a small % of the plots on the development, needing to produce an average of 600kWh of energy per plot to offset the 10% requirement.

Total cost installed on those houses within the development = £26,000

By installing Showersave QB1-21C on every house, the development has saved a total of £16,550, generating the 10% renewable requirement.

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