An interview with Peter Mortimer

An interview with Peter Mortimer

In the first of a series of interviews with Briary Energy, Peter Mortimer (Sales Manager - Showersave) is under the spotlight to discuss his role at Showersave, changes in the industry and other relevant points of discussion.

Briary energy assist all sizes of developer to achieve energy efficient properties, for the right build cost. By offering an integrated approach to the areas of renewables and other low-carbon energy technologies, Briary lead their clients through the entire planning process, from energy and sustainability statements, SAP calculations, energy reports, local policies, air permeability tests and much more.

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Showersave delivering CPD remotely during Coronavirus pandemic

As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is affecting normal office operations for the foreseeable future, Showersave is committed to offering learning and development opportunities to the construction industry during these uncertain times through delivery of our certified CPD via remote access. This facility is suitable for office and home based working scenarios.

We have attempted to make it as simple a process as possible given varying internet speeds across the country.  Industry professionals can continue to gain CPD credits by accessing our CPD “An Introduction to Waste water heat recovery” via dropbox link coupled with telephone dial in with one of our team, to allow for Q&A throughout the 15-20 minute slot. We are happy to undertake this on a one to one basis.

Upon completion of the presentation, CPD certificates will be sent via email to all participants.

Should you wish to arrange a suitable date for this CPD, please call 028 9334 4488 or email

SEA publish "Hot water efficiency in homes" paper


The recent publication of "Hot water efficiency in homes" paper by SEA,  provides a summary of the key points raised during the roundtable  discussions with industry experts and the generated recommendations.

On 26th November 2019, the Sustainable Energy Association hosted a roundtable to discuss the hot water efficiency in domestic homes. The aim of the roundtable was to discuss the role policy makers and industry can play to support the deployment of technologies that improve the efficiency of hot water provision, reducing waste to the benefit of consumers and environment.

Download Document: Hot water efficiency in homes


LETI - Climate Emergency Design Guide now available to download

The guide covers 5 key areas: operational energy, embodied carbon, the future of heat, demand response and data disclosure. The guide was developed by over 100 LETI volunteers over a period of 12 months.

Download the guide at





Showersave installed in Modular Homes project

ModPods International is a trademarked part of the Just Solutions Group of Companies. Creating desirable modern affordable living solutions that suits the needs of everyone.

This Short video demonstrates how Just Solutions can bring a new home to life in just 28 days, from design to completion.

It has been a great opportunity for Showersave to be involved in such an innovative project.

Carbon Reduction video released by Showersave

Showersave has been installed in 15,000 homes throughout the UK over the past 10 years. That’s 15,000 homes enjoying lower energy bills and reduced carbon footprint.

It’s a wonderfully simple system, why wouldn’t you?

Showersave wins Passive House Innovation Award

We are delighted to announce that Showersave QB1-21D-HE has won the  2019 Passive House Innovation Award.

The Innovation Awards, launched by the Passive House Institute, aim to raise the profile of energy efficient products.

Showersave is recognised by the EU as a renewable system, in SAP and SBEM by BRE. The system is one of the most simple, sustainable and cost effective means of achieving Part L compliance.

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Building control guides feature the wonderfully simple Showersave

We are delighted to partner with  Southern, Brent, Devon and Ashford Building Control departments to feature the wonderfully simple Showersave  in publications sent to all planning applicants.

By installing Showersave you will recover the energy from the warm waste water flowing down the drain and use it to pre-heat the incoming cold water – simple, effective and highly reliable.

We have >7,000 Showersave systems installed across the UK. The system is in use with most of the UK’s largest house builders.

Recognised in SAP, the system is maintenance free and cost effective. It is installed at the first fix stage using standard plumbing practices and components. Not only will it save money but it will also reduce Co² emissions.

Download the relevant Local Authority guide using the links below:

Devon Building Control  - Guide to converting your property

Brent Building Control - Guide to extending you home

Southern Building Control - Custom Build

Ashford  Building Control - Guide to extending your home

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Showersave used to offset 10% renewables targets - replacing PV

Since the recognition of Showersave systems as a renewable technology under the RED II EU Directive (24 December 2018), we are seeing an increased application where there is at least a 10% renewables targets imposed.

Showersave offers many benefits, including:

Developer savings of 63% or >£800 per plot.

Wonderfully simple to install

No maintenance required; no briefing of homeowner required

Will last the life of the dwelling ideal for PRS dwellings

East Anglia project replaces PV with Showersave

The project in East Anglia required 16kWp of Photovoltaics on a small % of the plots on the development, needing to produce an average of 600kWh of energy per plot to offset the 10% requirement.

Total cost installed on those houses within the development = £26,000

By installing Showersave QB1-21C on every house, the development has saved a total of £16,550, generating the 10% renewable requirement.

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Showersave returns impressive results in IES

With the introduction of waste water heat recovery systems into SBEM at the end of last year and the recent incorporation of this into the key software packages used by leading consultants, we thought we would see what this meant in reality.

We took a 95 bed hotel, currently under construction in SE England, and inserted Showersave WWHR systems into the mix using the IES software.

The results saw Impressive improvements on the primary energy demand.  Looking at two scenarios; firstly our Showersave MultiVert plant room system; secondly we have used individual Showersave QB1-21D’s each supporting 2 x back to back shower rooms.

Waste water heat recovery
IES Analysis of 95 bed hotel

The Showersave MultiVert system is applied using the SBEM default % efficiency of 35%; the second scenario assumes a 54% efficiency as per the products characteristics database in SAP 2012.

In terms of cost, you would expect the second scenario to be roughly 2 x the cost of the plant room system.  Although many other costs using more expensive technologies and systems could be negated by using Showersave in this scenario.

For information on Showersave for commercial projects, call us on 028 9334 4488.